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Let us upgrade you to epoxy garage floors Charlotte, NC and change those bland concrete garage floors — contact us today to get a free quote for our epoxy coated extra durable epoxy garage floors. 

Living in Charlotte means that your garage floors can take a real beating. Dirt, sand, and rocks are coating your garage floor every time your door is opened, and the warm weather can cause concrete to expand, making your garage floor more likely to crack.

blue epoxy garage floorA better solution is available – and at Charlotte Epoxy Garage Floors, we can help turn your garage floor from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY

We are a family-owned and operated floor contractor business with years of commercial concrete coating experience under our belt. We have proudly served Charlotte homes and businesses or over 10 years . Our installations use the highest-quality materials on the market to provide long lasting, crack-resistant, beautiful and durable epoxy  coated flooring for your garage at a cost that is affordable. 

You, our customer, are our number one priority which insures that we always deliver the highest quality epoxy garage floor coating services and customer experience. We do the job once and get it done right the first time. Contact us now to get your free quote or to discover more about our extra durable epoxy coatings and other flooring options in Charlotte.

Why Use Our Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy Garage Floors will  change the look and  style of your Charlotte garage and in addition it will strengthen your garage floor.. Our extra durable epoxy floor coating offers all the benefits and the appearance of normal epoxy systems without any of the shortcomings of normal epoxy coatings. Epoxy offers the best floor coating solution for a number of reasons. 

It is More Durable and Damage-Resistant

The best epoxy garage floors Charlotte use a coating alternative that ensures that your garage floors will withstand the test of time – what you get is not just epoxy flooring but something that is better! 

Our multi-layer floor coating system is many times more durable than traditional epoxy coatings , making your Charlotte garage floor more chemical and UV resistant. This type of flooring system is perfect for garages, warehouses and industrial facilities that encounter harsh chemicals and other such abuse each day. 

Our epoxy flooring application is also extremely damage resistant and holds up to wear and tear even better than the highest-quality normal epoxy floor coating.  You can be assured that our coatings will maintain your garage floors and keep them looking clean, glossy and new looking for years to come.  They will also help to increase the value of your Charlotte home, business or commercial property. 

A Beautiful and Shiny Finish

Our epoxy garage floor coatings will give your Charlotte area concrete floor an attractive high gloss finish unlike the dull, gray look of traditional concrete. The final step of each installation is pouring a UV-stable clear coat over your floor coating which provides a high gloss and protective finish that gives your flooring that showroom style shine.

There is a large selection styles and colors for your epoxy chips (See Below). This allows you to create an individual look that matches your property’s overall style and architecture. When finished, your floor coatings, your floors will have a WOW effect that will impress your guests or customers and project a very positive impression of your Charlotte property.

You Get A No-Slip Surface

Smooth floorings often become slippery when wet. However, our floor coatings produce a non-slip surface with good traction. You can be confident that any visitors are able to move throughout your garage, plant, or warehouse without worrying about them slipping. 

Custom Color & Style

Our epoxy base coats and flake blends can produce custom designs and color patterns allowing you to create a distinctive style that fits your space.

Our floor coating options will give your property a high-end and expensive appearance without costing you a small fortune. 

epoxy flake color chart

Ballpark quotes are often difficult to make and are very often inaccurate. Each job is different and depends on the size, condition of the concrete and type of coating being used. Rest assured we are happy to give you a Free Quote and do our best to get our price within your budget.

Because of the high quality materials and our expert installation our coatings will generally last as long as the underlying concrete. With good maintenance it should remain in great shape for at least 15+ years.

Your floor will be cured in a few hours but to be safe we recommend waiting 6 –  8 hours before walking on the surface and full 24 hours before replacing heavy items or moving your vehicles into the garage.

With our special 6 Step Process we can often complete the job the same day. However to be safe you should plan on a 2 day time period to complete the job.

Our concrete coatings can be cleaned using a mop and soap and water or steaming. Hard to remove tire stains can be removed using CLR or non-abrasive cleaners.

The top quality materials we use to seal the floor are fully resistant to oil, gas and moisture.

A professional installation will ensure that you have a floor that can last a lifetime. The preparation of the concrete needs to be done properly using the right equipment. Otherwise the application of the coating will show all the defects in the floor including cracks and low spots. Doing this job yourself is asking for problems.

We have established our company as the premier industrial and commercial coating company in our area and this experience has made us extremely well qualified to do residential jobs as professionally as we have done our commercial work.

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We pride ourselves in doing the job once and doing it right

Great Company

I am the service manager at a local new car dealership. Our business contracted this company to put a new coat on our shop floor. All I can say is WOW, what a difference it made. Your company and your team worked hard and put in late hours while allowing me to keep the business open during this make over. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to beautify their concrete surfaces. Great Job Guys!!

Bobby Olive

Awesome Job

I contacted your company to get my garage floor done on a new construction home. My closing date kept fluctuating but they worked with me and completed the job to my satisfaction and I was able to move my belongings into the garage on move in day. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to enhance the appearance of their garage.

Joshua Murray

Love These Guys

We absolutely love our new concrete flake floors at our apartment complex! You and your team did an amazing job and the residents love the new look! Will be using them to upgrade more properties in our portfolio.

Jennifer Pittman

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